Flying Tee

Flying Tee is a new golf entertainment centre which combines a driving range with augmented reality to bring a whole new level of interactivty to the game.

A touch screen TV interface allows golfers in each bay to easily swipe in and set up their party, including who's paying for what.

Splitting the bay charge is easy

Players simply swipe in to play

Once the group is set, they can choose to play games, virtual courses or even participate in tournaments at the facility.

Students can easily record audio assignments.

Once in a game or course, golfers start hiting balls like any other driving range. High speed cameras and radar capture the swing and ball trajectory and map it into the virtual simulation.

Distance and elevation balloons help golfers map the driving range terrain to the virtual one.

Handicaps help to even the playing field.

Inaccurately tracked shots can be edited manually.

Coaches create lessons and courses with ease that students must progressively complete to finish units. All content is delivered to their students via mobile app.

Putts get calculated with a roulette style wheel.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games.

Students can easily record audio assignments.